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Arrowhead® Sign Holders

A tried and true retail sign solution nearing its fifth decade, the Arrowhead Sign Holder is still going strong and in widespread demand today. The versatile arrowhead sigh holder effectively holds coupons or signage from shelf channels and other flat display surfaces.


FFR Merchandising offers a selection of arrowhead sign holders for your retail environment, including:

  • The AF-101 Arrowhead® Fastener was FFR Merchandising’s very first “fastener for retail” and with good reason. It offers a cost-effective way to securely hold pads of coupons or single signs in the centered flush position.
  • FFR’s AF-102 Arrowhead® Fastener is a retail staple that securely pins coupon pads or a sign to shelf fronts. This item fits most standard 1 1/4" shelf channels.
  • The AF-101F Arrowhead® Fastener has a flex design for even easier insertion in shelf channels. This arrowhead sigh holder securely holds coupon books or single signs and fits most standard 1 1/4" shelf channels. Additional colors and styles can be made to order.

FFR’s Merchandising’s arrowhead sign holders can be ordered by calling (800) 422-2547 between 8am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. FFR offers nearly 1,200 versatile sign and literature holders for every application, including countertops, pegboards, shelf channels, perforated shelves, wire baskets, wood shelves, glass shelving, slatwalls, and more. To place a “Quick Order” online, click here. Same-day shipping is available for phone orders only. If you can't find the product you need, we will be happy to design it for you, on-time and on-budget.

Arrowhead® Sign Holders

      • AF-102 Arrowhead® Fastener Quick View
      • AF-102 Arrowhead® Fastener

      • AF-101 Arrowhead® Fastener Quick View
      • AF-101 Arrowhead® Fastener

      • AF-101F Arrowhead® Fastener Quick View
      • AF-101F Arrowhead® Fastener