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FFR Merchandising is committed to raising employee awareness of the impact of our decisions bypromoting the implementation of positive environmental initiatives, which support sustainability.

  • Products that are certified by regulatory organizations are indicated in the last product bullet.
  • When feasible and applicable, FFR Merchandising utilizes recycled materials in all manufacturing processes, including plastic extrusion and injection molding.
  • Such materials include PVC, ABS, polystyrene and nylon.
  • Engaged the research and development services of one of the nation’s leading polymer science universities to investigate and test the use of renewable and biodegradable materials in our products.
  • Implemented a process to minimize packaging waste through redesign; thereby reducing the volume of corrugated and associated packaging materials.
  • Reviewed all key manufacturing processes in an effort to increase usage of internal scrap.
  • Working with key recycling suppliers and re-processors to implement PVC recycling program–goal to increase recycled content by 10%.
  • Use 100% recycled scrap PETG for non-clear portion of selected products.

  • Implemented document scanning for retrieval and to minimize paper copies.
  • Implemented corrugated bailing and recycling at all FFR Merchandising facilities, as well as a recycling plan for paper, cardboard, old pallets, scrap steel and aluminum.
  • Implemented reuse program in packaging, maintenance and production departments to reduce waste.
  • Implemented utilization of energy-efficient motion lighting in FFR Merchandising warehouses that will save 327,432 kW-h annually; installed programmable thermostats and water heaters.

  • Calculating CO2 reduction based upon implemented packaging changes.
  • Calculating corrugated usage reduction based upon implemented packaging changes.

Eco-Friendly Products
  • “Bio” Data Strip® Label Holders are available–eco-friendly additives significantly accelerate the breakdown of PVC. (Standard PVC does not effectively break down over time and continually pervades our landfills with little or no degradation taking place.)
  • Pallet Guards are constructed of eco-friendly black 100% recycled plastic and are USDA, FDA and NSF approved.