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Loss Prevention Systems

FFR Merchandising offers a complete line of Loss Prevention Systems to eliminate shelf-sweeping. Many of these loss prevention systems are available with an audible alert to notify store personnel when multiple products are being dispensed.


FFR Merchandising offers highly effective loss prevention systems, including the following:

  • Single-dispensing Infant Formula Merchandiser loss prevention system prevents shelf-sweeping and deters shoplifting, while keeping product accessible to customers for easy self-service.
  • Fixed Facing Vending Shelf loss prevention system provides ample room for razor blade refills. It features a theft-proof door that enables removal of one package at a time. If multiple products are dispensed, an audible click will alert store personnel.
  • FFR Merchandising’s patented Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ loss prevention systems feature an audible alert, integrated dispensing coil and single-dispensing knob function for the minimization of shelf-sweeping and other forms of retail shrinkage.
  • Our Adjustable Vending Shelf loss prevention system eliminates shelf-sweeping with sturdy metal lock-box construction and keyed lock while keeping products accessible for self-service and brand labels visible for easy identification.

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Loss Prevention Systems

      • Infant Formula Merchandiser Quick View
      • Infant Formula Merchandiser

      • Fixed Facing Vending Shelf Quick View
      • Fixed Facing Vending Shelf

      • Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ Quick View
      • Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™

      • Adjustable Vending Shelf Quick View
      • Adjustable Vending Shelf

      • P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield® System Quick View
      • P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield® System

      • Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System Quick View
      • Powered Fixed Vending Shelf System