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Fasteners, Tools, Accessories

FFR offers a wide range of retail fasteners. In addition, we offer innovative fasteners, tools and accessories, such as Fastener Removers and much more. In addition to fasteners, tools, we offer a variety of display components, connectors and other items that can be used for thousands of applications, in hundreds of ways, and in dozens of different display-related industries.

FFR offers dozens of Fasteners, Tools and Accessories, including the following:

  • The Channel Fastener is easy to install and remove and offers a secure fit in .250" diameter shelf holes with a capacity up to .375.” It is offered in natural, white or black nylon to match shelves.
  • FFR’s E447 Diamond Hole Shelf Dart is ideal for use with diamond-shaped shelf holes holds up to .060" thick material and also fits .2188" diameter round holes. It has a .0938" capacity, head diameter of .330" and comes in natural or black nylon.
  • The Universal Fastener is easy to remove and re-use and fits most standard perforated shelves.
  • FFR’s unique Plastic Loop Fastener's design holds a variety of signs and displays and fits most standard perforated shelves and is recommended for diamond-shaped holes.
  • The Christmas Tree Clip is designed for quick and easy insertion in most diamond and round shelf holes. It secures permanently and fits .250" diameter holes.
  • Our E-Z Off™ Remover Tool is two handy utility tools in one. Specially contoured scraper easily removes labels and other residue from shelf channels. The other end removes fasteners from shelves, pegboard holes and other display surfaces.
  • FFR’s Plastic Fastener Remover is ideal for removing fasteners from shelves, pegboard holes and other display surfaces and can be used to open Fold-N-Hold® Sign Holders.

With so many sizes, styles and colors, we are sure to have the fastener for your retail environment. Subscribe to FFR’s e-newsletter for new product information, product updates, special promotions and more. For more information or to purchase fasteners, tools and accessories, call us at (800) 422-2547 today!

Fasteners, Tools, Accessories

      • PS Price Strip Quick View
      • PS Price Strip

      • Channel Insert Strip Quick View
      • Channel Insert Strip

      • Motion Mat® Quick View
      • Motion Mat®

      • E443 Shelf Dart Clip Quick View
      • E443 Shelf Dart Clip

      • Christmas Tree Clip Quick View
      • Christmas Tree Clip

      • E447 Diamond Hole Shelf Dart Quick View
      • E447 Diamond Hole Shelf Dart

      • Universal Fastener Quick View
      • Universal Fastener

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      • Channel Fastener Quick View
      • Channel Fastener

      • Plastic Fastener Remover Quick View
      • Plastic Fastener Remover

      • Plastic Loop Fastener Quick View
      • Plastic Loop Fastener

      • E-Z Off™ Remover Tool Quick View
      • E-Z Off™ Remover Tool

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      • Universal Fastener Remover Quick View
      • Universal Fastener Remover

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