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Safer Products

FFR Merchandising offers a complete line of Safer™ products to protect against shoplifting. The patented design and increased distance between locking points make our safer products the most tamper-resistant system available.


FFR Merchandising offers a wide variety of Safer™ products, including the following:

  • Our FORTKNOX™ Safer™ Products Security Box with Active Alarm deters shoplifting in retail environments with a variety of valuable features. It is made of high-density polycarbonate, making it nearly indestructible, and has an active alarm and a patented dual magnetic locking system.
  • The CAPSURE™ Bottle Safer™ is a tamper-proof dual-locking system with a unique shape and design. It fits most wine, champagne and liquor bottles without requiring an increase in merchandising space, and is easily installed or removed.
  • EASEWRAP™ Security Wrap is efficiently designed to provide protection for larger and oddly-shaped items. This simple wrap is adjustable, easy to install, made with durable nylon and effectively provides a visual theft deterrent for products such as power tools, purses, bags and sporting equipment.
  • The Sound Safer™ Tester/Reset is used for quick and effortless testing or resetting the alarm on our EASECURE© LED Security Wrap, SOUNDWIRE™ Security Wrap, or FORTKNOX™ Safer Security Box with Active Alarm.

FFR Merchandising offers original, effective and affordable Safer™ products, systems and solutions. Call (800) 422-2547 or complete this form to speak with a customer service representative today.

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