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Locking Straps/Tethers

Protect your retail environment from shrinkage with FFR Merchandising’s locking strap tethers. Locking strap tethers can be affixed to allow unhindered customer interaction with display products, providing a low-cost solution to the high-cost problem of retail shrink.


Ideal for a wide range of retail environments, we offer the following locking strap tethers:

  • Tough Retractable Tethers provide security for high-loss display products, while keeping them accessible to customers, significantly reducing shrinkage.
  • The Retractable Tether with Flexible End will contour to secure to rounded surfaces. Store personnel will appreciate its simple set up and customers will enjoy its user-friendly design.
  • FFR Merchandising’s Retractable Tether with Metal Eyelet increases security with the use of a metal screw to tether products.
  • The natural nylon LKF Locking Strap tether in fixed style locks permanently for a tamper-free attachment to products, vinyl pouches and store fixtures without obstructing product access.
  • Attractive, durable and flexible Coiled Tethers are offered in a variety of types to affix products to uprights, shelves, store counters, boxes and more.


Our Security Tether with Locking Strap is a permanent shrink-reduction solution that won’t hinder customer interaction.

FFR Merchandising’s locking strap tethers are designed to allow full access to products while reducing shrink. For offers and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter. Questions? Call (800) 422-2547 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, or complete the form on our contact page.

Locking Straps/Tethers

      • Retractable Tethers Quick View
      • Retractable Tethers

      • LKF Locking Strap, Fixed Style Quick View
      • LKF Locking Strap, Fixed Style

      • LK Permanent Locking Strap, Ladder Style Quick View
      • LK Permanent Locking Strap, Ladder Style

      • LK Permanent Locking Strap, Solid Style Quick View
      • LK Permanent Locking Strap, Solid Style

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      • Coiled Tethers Quick View
      • Coiled Tethers

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