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FFR Merchandising’s display fasteners, connectors and accessories are used for thousands of applications, in hundreds of ways, and in dozens of different display-related industries. With so many sizes, styles and colors, we are sure to have the display fastener for your retail environment.

FFR Merchandising offers a variety of display fasteners. Here are a few:

The Flipper Nut™ for Warehouse Upright holds displays and fixtures securely onto warehouse uprights. It features front-access design for easy installation and a unique nut design to engage fixtures as the bolt is tightened. The Insert for Gondola Slot fits Lozier gondola upright slots securely with a unique design that engages the fixtures as the screw is tightened. Pegboard Paper/Vinyl Fasteners are push-fit fasteners that are ideal for installation and removal without damage to pegboard, paper or vinyl. TA-100 Togglers feature extra holding power. Simply squeeze its stem, insert into the hole and use a key to spread the toggler. Three keys are included in each 100-count box. AF408 Arrowhead® Thumbsnap display fasteners provide a secure hold on a variety of panel sizes. Christmas Tree Clips are designed for fast, simple and permanent insertion into most diamond and round shelf holes.

Please note: additional sizes and colors can be made to order.

From concept through delivery – FFR-Merchandising has your business covered. For pricing on Display Fasteners, please complete our Quote Request Form or call (800) 422-2547 for additional information.


      • Insert for Gondola Slot Quick View
      • Insert for Gondola Slot

      • Flipper Nut™ for Warehouse Upright Quick View
      • Flipper Nut™ for Warehouse Upright

      • Flipper Nut™ for Gondola Upright Quick View
      • Flipper Nut™ for Gondola Upright

      • AF408 Arrowhead® Thumbsnap Quick View
      • AF408 Arrowhead® Thumbsnap

      • RR-2525 Ratchet Rivet Quick View
      • RR-2525 Ratchet Rivet

      • Christmas Tree Clip Quick View
      • Christmas Tree Clip

      • Pegboard Paper/Vinyl Fastener Quick View
      • Pegboard Paper/Vinyl Fastener

      • Adjust-A-Lok Quick View
      • Adjust-A-Lok

      • QG Quick-Grip Fastener Quick View
      • QG Quick-Grip Fastener

      • Viking Clip Quick View
      • Viking Clip

      • Dart/Canoe Clip Quick View
      • Dart/Canoe Clip

      • TA-100 Toggler Quick View
      • TA-100 Toggler

      • Universal Fastener Quick View
      • Universal Fastener

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      • Channel Fastener Quick View
      • Channel Fastener

      • Wing Nut & Bolt Quick View
      • Wing Nut & Bolt

      • Extra-Duty Panel Fastener Quick View
      • Extra-Duty Panel Fastener

      • Push Lock with Loop Fastener Quick View
      • Push Lock with Loop Fastener

      • Dart/Canoe Clip with Phillips Head Quick View
      • Dart/Canoe Clip with Phillips Head