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Display Poles and Accessories

FFR Merchandising offers a full line of display poles and accessories to craft complete displays that are as effective as they are attractive. From top-of-pole sign holders to wire bases and everything in between, we have what you need to create displays that capture consumer attention, driving sales at the point of purchase.

Display Poles allow businesses to enhance their marketing and promotions initiatives with decorative and informative displays that offer the ultimate in ease-of-use and mobility. Pole displays are often used in malls, retail stores, college campuses, and many other high-traffic areas to announce upcoming events. Our Display Poles have anchoring features which allows them to hold fast to surfaces for long periods of time. Adhesive clips and pole grippers can also be used to attach flags to a variety of structural surfaces. Lightweight and sturdy litho poles offer a long-lasting solution.

We treat every order and every customer as if they’re our most important, because we know your business needs are most important to you. All orders are treated as rush orders and in-stock items will be shipped same day* at no extra cost.

You can also place orders for Display Poles and other FFR Merchandising products by calling our customer support team between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time at (800) 422-2547.

*Applies to stock orders placed by 12:00 p.m. EST for truck shipments and by 3:00 p.m. EST for small parcel shipments.

Display Poles and Accessories

      • Plastic Display Bases Quick View
      • Plastic Display Bases

      • 2221 Pole Gripper Quick View
      • 2221 Pole Gripper

      • PG-513 Adhesive Strap Clip Quick View
      • PG-513 Adhesive Strap Clip

      • Display Pole Foot Quick View
      • Display Pole Foot

      • Premier™ Pole Gripper Quick View
      • Premier™ Pole Gripper

      • WF-24 Wire Foot Quick View
      • WF-24 Wire Foot

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      • 2247 Top Sign Holder Quick View
      • 2247 Top Sign Holder

      • Display Pole Quick View
      • Display Pole

      • WS-80 Wire Spring Quick View
      • WS-80 Wire Spring

      • Pole Gripper with SuperGrip® Sign Holder Quick View
      • Pole Gripper with SuperGrip® Sign Holder

      • 2247 SuperGrip® Sign Holder for Display Poles Quick View
      • 2247 SuperGrip® Sign Holder for Display (...)

      • Flute Wire Quick View
      • Flute Wire