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Display Feet and Casters

Display casters and feet add mobility and protection to your corrugated displays. Available in several styles from basic floor glides to fully functional swivel casters. Prolong the life and integrity of your displays with Display Feet and Casters.

FFR Merchandising offers a variety of display feet and casters:

Twin Wheel Casters are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for creating moveable displays with a max weight of 60 lb. per caster. SDC-2 Swivel Display Casters are smooth-running and available in locking and non-locking styles, with a max weight of 40 lb. per caster. Floor Stand Corner Glides fit with garment fixtures, corrugated displays and floor stands to provide mobility on carpet or hard flooring.

The Rigid Display Foot protects display corners at a 90° angle, ½" above the floor.

Retail stores often find it necessary to move inventory and displays to promote sale items and product lines that would otherwise be immobile. Display Casters, feet and stands make it simple and safe for stock personnel to maneuver heavy or bulky displays or freight from one area to another, whether it is to increase exposure or to place in storage.

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Display Feet and Casters

      • Twin Wheel Caster Quick View
      • Twin Wheel Caster

      • Floor Stand Corner Glide Quick View
      • Floor Stand Corner Glide

      • SDC-2 Swivel Display Caster Quick View
      • SDC-2 Swivel Display Caster

      • DC-1 Display Caster Quick View
      • DC-1 Display Caster

      • 2217 Flexible Display Foot Quick View
      • 2217 Flexible Display Foot

      • 2215 Rigid Display Foot Quick View
      • 2215 Rigid Display Foot

      • Plastic Master Caster Quick View
      • Plastic Master Caster

      • Molded Plastic Display Foot Quick View
      • Molded Plastic Display Foot

      • Pallet Floor Guard Quick View
      • Pallet Floor Guard