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Ceiling Accessories

FFR Merchandising has a wide variety of ceiling display accessories including hanger clips, hooks, ceiling clips, cords and installation poles.

Here is a sampling of what ceiling display accessories FFR Merchandising offers

The Adjustable Ceiling Cable features tool-free height adjustability, allowing for quick and easy set-up. It is capable of holding up to 75 pounds. TFC Tangle-Free Cord with Barbs provides a worry-free solution for holding signs and displays securely in place. C-Link Banner Hangers are an economical option to create visually appealing multi-banner displays. 7010 Wire Mobile Hangers are extremely durable and easily adjustable Ceiling Display Accessories, ideal for retail environments. Installation Poles allow retail personnel to hang ceiling displays safely and easily without the use of a ladder. Please note: the maximum recommended weight for all ceiling display accessories and systems is 3 lb. per ceiling attachment. Do not hang banner directly from barbs – cord must be tied to its attachment.

As a world leader of functional, high-value ceiling display accessories and other retail solutions, we stand behind our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction. All orders are treated as priority and in-stock items will be shipped same day. To place your order or to learn more about FFR Merchandising, please contact our customer service team by calling (800) 422-2547.

* If you place your in-stock order before 12:00 PM EST (common carrier shipments) or 3:00 PM EST (parcel shipments), we will ship your order same day.

Ceiling Accessories

      • HC Banner Hanger Clip Quick View
      • HC Banner Hanger Clip

      • as low as$0.1000
      • Installation Pole Quick View
      • Installation Pole

      • as low as$22.0300
      • Beaded Chain with A-Hooks Quick View
      • Beaded Chain with A-Hooks

      • as low as$0.6800
      • Beaded Chain Accessories Quick View
      • Beaded Chain Accessories

      • $0.1200
      • Adjustable Ceiling Cable Quick View
      • Adjustable Ceiling Cable

      • 1 Review(s)
      • as low as$2.7600
      • SCL Spiral Ceiling Loop Quick View
      • SCL Spiral Ceiling Loop

      • as low as$0.2440
      • Metal Sure-Twist® Ceiling Loop Quick View
      • Metal Sure-Twist® Ceiling Loop

      • as low as$0.5690
      • Aluminum Ceiling Hook Quick View
      • Aluminum Ceiling Hook

      • Mobile Spring Quick View
      • Mobile Spring

      • as low as$0.1200
      • Eagle™ Ceiling Clip Quick View
      • Eagle™ Ceiling Clip

      • as low as$0.1620
      • JC-48S Jack Chain Kit Quick View
      • JC-48S Jack Chain Kit

      • as low as$1.6400
      • Warehouse Ceiling Hook for Solid Beam Quick View
      • Warehouse Ceiling Hook for Solid Beam

      • as low as$2.6500
      • Warehouse Ceiling Hook for Split Beam Quick View
      • Warehouse Ceiling Hook for Split Beam

      • as low as$2.6500
      • CGH Universal Plastic Ceiling Hook Quick View
      • CGH Universal Plastic Ceiling Hook

      • as low as$0.1350
      • Metal Chain Quick View
      • Metal Chain

      • as low as$28.9600
      • HC-87 Ceiling Hanger Quick View
      • HC-87 Ceiling Hanger

      • as low as$0.0760
      • U Hook Banner Hanger Quick View
      • U Hook Banner Hanger

      • as low as$0.3000
      • Beaded Chain Quick View
      • Beaded Chain

      • as low as$0.0810