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    OTD ''Over The Top'' Hook

    Effectively merchandise product throughout your retail store with high quality OTD Over The Top Hooks from FFR Merchandising. These durable hooks are designed to fit over the top or through oval slots in corrugated displays. They are available in a variety of lengths to provide a convenient solution for any hooked display and are great for merchandising product in an organized and highly visible manner.

    Over The Top Hooks are built to withstand long-term use and are ideal for adding, removing, and repositioning hanging product on corrugated displays. This process is quick and easy, which makes Over The Top Hooks perfect for fast-paced retail environments.

    FFR Merchandising’s OTD Over The Top Hooks offers the following:

    • Fits 1/8" B-Flute corrugated
    • Use with a variety of package hole styles
    • 6" and 8": White GFN for heavy-duty applications
    • Display Hook Product Stop available 2", 4", 5" and 6": White ABS
    • Additional colors can be made to order (minimum quantities apply)
    • OTD Over The Top Hooks fit over the top or through oval slots in corrugated displays

    FFR Merchandising is the world's largest supplier of quality merchandising hooks, including OTD Over The Top Hooks. We have a wide variety of hooks nearly any application, from Plastic Hooks with C-channel or scan plate, to Hooks that have a gravity feed feature. Our hooks are available in multiple lengths and for all types of merchandising fixtures, such as wire, corrugated, pegboard, and slatwall displays, helping retailers to get the most out of limited merchandising space.

    For more information, sign up for our newsletter. Call (800) 422-2547 between 8am and 7pm EST to order your OTD Over The Top Hooks today.

    Attributes Qty Discounts Qty
    Item No. Size 1-999 1000-4999 5000+
    7202050401 2" L (ABS) $0.1090 $0.0750 $0.0630
    7202050402 4" L (ABS) $0.1150 $0.0820 $0.0670
    7202050406 5" L (ABS) $0.1240 $0.0880 $0.0720
    7202050405 6" L (ABS) $0.1300 $0.0940 $0.0800
    7202050403 6" L (GFN) $0.1820 $0.1400 $0.1190
    7202050404 8" L (GFN) $0.2200 $0.1760 $0.1470
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